At This Point In Time…

As a people and as individuals we are in the thick of Spiritual/Energetic warfare. The righteous children of YahWeh are being dealt some serious test at this time in close proximity and intensity…trust there is a purpose for it all. I must share that I have been fighting some serious battles and I have been faced with some major test, but I stand firm, yet Light. I am determined to not be moved from my place on the journey in Love (YahWeh). It has taken so much to get back here…lesson after lesson, blood, sweat, tears, introspection, letting go of all that I knew, experiencing many deaths and re-births…etc.  I feel that this is such a defining time in the story of our existence. This time holds a reminiscent vibe of The Valley of Decision to me. It feels as though we are at a parallel…children of the 1st Nature (Love/Pure Spirit/Honor) are standing before (and with) the children of the 2nd Nature (Fear/Physical/Disbelief)…Love vs. Fear…Spirit Beings vs. Earthlings…Spirit vs. Ego…etc.

The cleaverness behooves me. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing that are really showing up in the top of the line sheep suits in hopes that they are not detected. The impostors have been showing up in my environment in various forms in attempts to divide and conquer Love, but LOVE conquers ALL! What’s fortunate about that is the sense of Discernment is allowing me to see the nature of the people that are being used. What’s unfortunate about that situation is that some of the people being used make way for those energies and feed them because in them exist some deep areas of healing that need to be acknowledged, examined, addressed and released.

Be encouraged on your journey and be vigilant. Stay woke. It’s circumcision time. Any one and anything that is not reflecting 1st Nature beatitudes must be removed from the camp in Love. We must guard the gates. Circumcise as much as you need to in order to keep your camp free off infestation (disbelief, sabotage, deceit, drama, doubt…etc.) Great supportive text…Psalms 78 in its entirety. When journeying toward the Promise, do as countless Ancestors have done…cut off the point of infection so that it doesn’t spread throughout the camp and keep it moving. #irelease #YahWeh #LoveLand #SoldierofLove

Shifted by the Wind


Driving one windy rising in February, I noticed my car was being “bullied” by the wind. I said, “Sheesh…the wind is treacherous today.”  The wind then replied to me and said, “Why treacherous?”  In that moment I had experienced a sense of skepticism because of the fact that I was hearing from the wind, but then the question posed by the wind begin to provoke thought resonating deeply in my being.  I then thought to myself, “yeah…why treacherous?  The wind is just doing what it has been created to do.” I apologized to the wind and then went on to say, “You’re not treacherous, you’re just strong, and there must be a reason you’re blowing a bit harder today.”  The programming I tell ya! Lol. The wind is doing the only thing the wind can do…be the wind. On that day, the wind had been ordered to blow a little stronger, and so it did…unapologetically.

The inner journey began…

Why is that when one is in a situation in which they are not in control or “know” all there is to know about something or someone that negative connotations, emotions, thoughts, words and/or actions are manifest?  Is it fear of the unknown? Is it because they are “stuck” in expired systems of thought that doesn’t serve anyone…not even themselves? Hmm…my mind started to be lifted to a higher thought realm.  The Light of the matter is that, everything has been created with a purpose to operate as it has been intended to when created. If the creation did otherwise it would be operating against their very nature of being and The Creator within…leaving one to feel the consequential effects of their actions.”  When one is working against themselves in the name of making others comfortable (people pleasing) in exchange for acceptance sends a message to The Creator, The Master Architect of the ENTIRE Universe and you that you were not created “good enough”…in turn you start to believe the same going forward not accepting yourself as you are. This action alone creates separation and blockages within your being…especially in the Sacral Chakra energy center. I recommend visiting this website to gain an understanding of the Sacral Chakra.  Unbeknownst to you your actions have internal (Spiritual, Mental/Behavioral, and Physical/Health) reactions, and as time goes on stagnancy, dis-ease, stress, depression, poor life choices, unhealthy relationships, emotional eating along with other detrimental behaviors start to take residence in your Being that was never intended to exist within you. You can’t move forward in your life if you are not operating in Truth of your very purpose which connects you to The Source of All of who you are. Actions of that sort result in distance, imbalance and finally consequence.   Just because one doesn’t know/understand why something operates the way it does, doesn’t mean that the other has the ground to ridicule or judge…and most IMPORTANTLY that doesn’t mean conform to their “liking”.  The Most High Yah didn’t carefully craft creation to be ridiculed, killed, abused, rejected, enslaved, etc. Those unserving programmatic behaviors furthers the agenda of creation operating outside the very intent of the Creator due to ego (lower state of mind) breaking our very foundation and beyond (Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra & Solar Plexus Chakra) introducing imbalance.  This prevents one from truly walking in the Truth of who they are, with an expanded heart and a renewed mind expressing all the Love & Light that Yah put in them to express and share. When the decision has been made to accept and embrace the Truth of your being with no apology, way will be made for the acceptance of things you can’t change…everything on the outside of you.  Only then would the different expressions of Yah be free to operate in their INTENDED purpose in wholeness, peace, Love of Self and others. Understanding that what is on the outside is within, because we are unique reflections of everything that is in the Universe.

Psalm 139:14

“14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”

Peace, Love, Light & Gratitude


Notes of a Caged Bird Freed


“This is no life for me, only a stop on my journey. I give thanks for all it has provided, the lives touched and the impact that this experience has had on my life, but there is no life here…only death. Hence why the decor is gray.  This building embodies a museum of many deaths…deaths to dream, aspirations, innovative ideas, love, families…etc., because of the extremely fictitious illusion of “responsibility” to a system that doesn’t serve the reason for your existence. Due to man’s fear to live, they die. Please discover the courage to live.”

The note above was written at the desk that I sat at for 9 years…until I resigned by the instruction of Yah this past March. I give thanks unto Yah for freedom, and not just to be free from my past employer, but to truly be free in Yah…in Truth, Love and Purpose.  In the years spent in that place of employment I was grateful, but there was a resilient song of freedom chanting in my heart reaffirming me that I was made for more.  I’ve felt that way before then, but the time spent there cultivated the desires in the depths of my heart. While in that place I used all the time I could reading, praying, researching, listening to lectures/sermons/meditation music/words of inspiration, reading scripture/articles/books, having intimate time with The Most High, writing down thoughts, goals, poems, experiences…just about any and everything that came up in my spirit. I didn’t entirely understand that then, but The Most High was preparing me for this time. Now, here I am singing songs of freedom, love and light to inspire others to take the leap of faith and TRULY TRUST in Yah, Spirit or whatever name you use to refer to the The Creator of the Universe for S(he) has many. I will not say that I am at my final destination, but I will say that I am grateful for where I am right now.  I know there is more to come, yet I remain present in this stage of the journey because it is truly a gift. 🙂

I hope this shared note inspires whom it is to inspire.  If you’d like to share, what notes have come to you while sitting on the job?  I’d like to hear (read), and/or assist you in clearing out the spiritual and/or mental clutter so that you may discover, and/ or build up the courage to walk in your passion (purpose).  Send an email to for an Intuitive Mirror session with me.  The first 40 minute consultation is a gift from me for you taking the first step to take back your freedom.  The service provided is wholistic…touching spirit, mind & body to offer you a partial service would be a disservice to your Being and mine. ❤

36If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36

Note: Buildings (unserving thought paradigms, fruitless monotony, etc.) block you from the Sun (Truth, Love, Freedom). If you have a desk/office with a window count that as a blessing…its a reminder allowing you to see that true Life is out there waiting for you.  The key here is to open up your mind’s eye (Third Eye/Christ Consciousness) so that you can “see” that to be your Truth.

Peace, Love, Light, Balance & Gratitude



Root Check 

When you deny/reject your roots,how do you truly expect to stand? What would you be standing on? How would you receive/absorb the nutrients needed from the fertile soil in order to grow nutrient rich? How is it that you truly view the soil…just dirt or mineral rich nutritious food?

In order to reject them (your roots) there has to be mental blocks in place. Then you have to ask yourself, “why do I hold such negative regard toward from which I ascended from? Hmm…”

Provoke thought within self, seek answers, and keep asking questions from there. That’s a good start. Take responsibility for your freedom, then you’ll see that you’ve always had the key. Damn right inquiring minds want to know…didn’t you? Then you used our knowledge against us. #freedom #provokethought #rootchakrahealing #unlockthemagick #youhavethekey 

Peace , Love, Light & Balance,