I am Home…

I am filled with so much joy as I embark in the new with each and every moment of this time.  I feel Love in the depths of my Being.  I’ve only dreamed of feeling like this, but it’s so real! I AM in Love with Self…and it’s GUILT-FREE!!! 🙂 I have finally gotten to a place where I no longer feel guilt for setting healthy boundaries, allowing mySelf to feel Love, pleasure, Self-Acceptance, passion, sensation, free flowing sexual & creative energy, unspeakable joy, and setting aside time to nurture itemple because I honor my Being.

On 8/29/2016, I made a decree to myself that I will dedicate the remainder of my life being mySelf in all ways, remaining respect-filled, Love-filled, fully trusting & accepting of Self.

There are no words to express the magnitude of how I feel…so I’ll create! 🙂  I Love all that I Am…Lotus, His reflection, MomFri, and a Soldier of Love with no shame. I know that The Most High Divine is the Source of it all. For I reflect my home along with our home everywhere that I go, and I do not have a desire to depart from it.

Peace, Love, Light, Acceptance, & Creativity,holy_trinity_symbol_by_balisongman07-d3f2pf9#DivineReflections #AsAboveSoBelow #HeavenonEarth  #SacralShare

Brave Heart

As I rose this on the peace-filled Heart Chakra day giving thanks unto The Most High Divine for granting me Presence once again. I was given a Beauty-filled song to write. (I’ll post a vid of the song given) That song sealed the message that I was given as I opened my eyes upon rising…”I am free from the lies.”

I then proceeded in my daily practice of affirming myself…”I am an Infinite Being full of Divine Love,” “Every thought, action, and sound is an expression of Love”, and it hit me like BOOM! I AM compassionate, I AM an infinite Being full of Divine Love, Love does emanate from my Being, Every thought, action, and sound is an expression of Divine Love, I AM compassion-filled, I AM Love-filled and everyone that I come in contact with experiences that Truth!

I burst into tears as I evaluated myself. “All I think about is how to Be more of Love than the day before, the moment before, the second before.  My actions are evidence that I not only believe in, but I TRUST LOVE!”  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes when Love calls me to do certain things I question Her, and may be a little nervous which soon fades away, but I answer The Call.  I’ve shown such a tremendous amount of Trust…I have released all of what I once knew…the way of thought, religious beliefs, learned behaviors, friends, family, ideals/programming of this world, I took my daughter out of those institutions they call “school”, I resigned from my old job, I resigned from this world’s mis-conception of living and relationships in all facets, I took my health into my own hands…that takes courage, that takes trust, that takes faith and last but not least that takes LOVE!  For I AM an infinite Being full of Divine Love! I cry tears of Love, I cry tears of Peace, I cry tears of healing, I cry tears of Joy, I’ve cried tears of pain and I’ve cried tears of RELEASE through the pressures of PUSHING, TEARING, BREAKING AND FIGHTING through generations of chains, cords, lies and illusions that tried to snub out my Presence, iLight so that I wouldn’t shine forth the Light of The Most High Divine…but I AM HERE!!  The world didn’t give it, therefore the world doesn’t have the power to take it away! I AM FREE! I AM CLEAN, SPOTLESS AND WRINKLE FREE! My heart is pure with no evidence of the battles that it has fighting through since conception in my mother’s womb.  I give thanks unto The Most High Divine, Ascended Masters & Guardian Angels that has been with me through it all… the mental, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse, unhealthy relationships, suicide, depression, acts of abortion, drunkenness, idolatry, vanity, abuse of my temple in all ways and the abuse that I have inflicted upon others.  All was in purpose to restore Love within me, so that I may be a light to others.darkness

Daily Prompt: Hike

I just recently discovered an instrumental song named “Hike” by Mndsgn.  The arrangement of frequency and vibration in this Master-filled piece of art further inspired me to continue to Hike on this journey of life regardless if you see the next step or not. Trust, have faith and believe that all will be just as it should be when its time to make the next move. via Daily Prompt: Hike


Mindful Seeding

It’s all about how you distribute your seeds and energy that will determine your success. You can’t put all your seeds in one hole and expect them to grow, you can’t plant your seeds without using energy to nurture them and expect abundance, and you can’t hold onto your seeds due to the possibility of them not sprouting only to continue to complain of hunger. The outcome of success is truly all on you. Be mindful of how, where and with whom you spend your time, energy and seeds. @dawtahofzyahn

True Liberty

When you KNOW, you don’t stand with the crowd and take part in the same actions that you’re surrounded by, you lead yourself toward True Liberty by remaining true to who YOU are, from where you are and witness the path created for you as you honor The Truth. There will be many that will be in-spired to follow the path of the example…thanks to you who remain True. #vibratehigher #freeyourself #yourlifeisworthit Stay true at all cost, because there is no cost to stay true, but it cost you everything to live a lie.