Be Ye as Little Children

i am in a sure state of trusting The Most High Divine every second throughout i days for guidance all things. for i am not here for “my” will, but for Thy will to be done. So i chose to die to, humble my self, seek The Most High Divine, and  be redeemed by honoring such a Divine order. So when i rise, i pray for guidance to my every footstep and that it be in alignment with The Most High Divine. I also acknowledge, thank and ask for i Archangels, Ascended Masters, Angels of Light and Ancestors to guide, protect me by way of being a lamp unto i footsteps and a light unto i pathway.  i don’t know it all and don’t want to know it all, and i am at such peace with that.  i don’t want to be, nor be “like” The Most High…if  i did there wouldn’t be any room for HEr guidance nor any of i other Spirit Guides of Light.  i am HEr child, and i am at perfect peace with that.  But, for those things that i do know…i am to share.

Growing up to become a child again has been Divine. All that i needed to do was make the choice to honor The Most High Divine, allow the space and time to be refined by the fiyah, inheriting the reward of rising from the ashes of that old man to become a brightly shining Light in Love again.  i no longer desire the “things” of this world, i only desire to do the will of thy MotherFather…which is Being Love…the True Work of the Spirit. it lights i fiyah to see, feel, and hear Love blasphemed, marketed and mistreated.  The spiritual energy over this world wants nothing more than to dim the lights of The Children, and enslave, destroy and kill Us due to us Being direct reflections of The Most High because we are HEr children. We are a reminder of new life, pure Light in Love, and GRACE. Lucifer is salty because he doesn’t have grace…misery loves company. He got is workers on it though… tracking all those of the first seed from ascendant to descendant so that the new generation of Christ seeds can be destroyed from their very beginnings…lame. he also knows that SHe that is in Us is greater than him, and that once The Righteous Children of The Most High Divine rise his plan stands no chance.  As a child of Righteousness that has taken the journey to remember…i chant down this Babylonian system and every iniquitous invention in it. i hate them with perfect hate.

Correlating Manna:

Matthew 18:3-4 “3 And said, Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. 4 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as tis little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Ephesians 5:8 -13 “8 For ye were sometimes darkness but now are ye light in The Most High; walk ye as little children of Light;9 (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) 10 Proving what is acceptable unto The Most High Divine. 11 And have no fellowship with he unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.12 or it is a shame to even speak of those things which are done of them in secret. 13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the Light.”

Psalms 139:21-22 “Do not I hate them, O Most High, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? 22 I hate them with perfect hatred; I count them mine enemies.”


Baptized by Love


Love & Let Love

Love’s presence is in such abundance, but it is not recognized, acted out, appreciated nor tapped into. Due to being lost in a state of ungratefulness, we forgot Love and are facing the consequences of such actions in a land that spends its very existence to steal and distort Love’s identity. In this present time our hearts 💚 need to be awakened (by turnin’ on the Light) so that we can remember Love and choose to become free to Be again…in Love, with Love, for Love to restore Love so that we manifest everlasting Love.

i inner & overstand now why iheart had to be blocked…i forgot Love! Therefore i could not recognize, attract, nor experience Love (in all ways). At that time in i life, i didn’t understand why so i chose to seek out the answer.i soon came to realize that while i had the light, i was absent (Self)Love. i was giving out of lack and didn’t know it in relationships and attracted just that…lights absent of (Self)Love. I give thanks for the mirrors. Full of masculine energy and totally absent of the feminine…patriarch with no matriarch, but in a physical form of wombman. Where they do that at? Oh yeah…lol. Babylon…the land of confusion and misery. 

i give thanks for grace, mercy and redemption . For i no longer have to remember Love, for SHe is present within i very Being and i am present with HEr. I have been baptized by Love in Light, for I am now Light in Love and a citizen of The New Jerusalem…never to return to Babylon again.

Peace, Love, Light, Gratitude & Compassion,


Mask Off

I just had the realist moment with iSelf…thanks to The Most High Divine. 😇 I have been hiding in the shadow of The Light. While I have been shining, I have not been shining as bright as I know that I am.  I have been instructed to leave all of old behind and walk in the new, and to operate in the fullness of iLight in Love. I have not been honoring that call in its fullness due to the thoughts of things that maybe said, “Oh she done got brand new on us”, but the truth is I have and I choose to honor The Most High Divine. I am new, and this week has truly shown me that I am set apart. Set apart for the goodness of the whole.

This week has been divinely revealing. I have had new chakras open in my Being. I have had conversations with roses. I have been experiencing a heightening of my senses. I have been at the feet of The Most High Divine, Yahushua, Buddha and Mattityahu. I have been in the company of Archangels. I have been shown The Kingdom…New Jerusalem. I have been experiencing and sharing Love in its purest vibration. I have been hugged by The Ancestors for being the answer to their prayers. I have been giving thanks for Identity…knowing who I am as a Christ of this time. (One of many of the body of Christs)  

In the middle of the night I was sorting through some writings, and came across a writing 10 years to the date and it read, ” 10/22/06 – I really need to free my mind from all of the unnecessary things and focus on the real. Like, how could others benefit from me? Like, when am I going to get off of my butt and go help people, build relationships and introduce people to  God (The Most High Divine)…help to free their minds. I can’t do that if my mind is boggled down with mess. The worst part is…I’m the one holding onto my hindrance. Why? I think I’m afraid of surpassing everyone that surrounds me and then I’ll be alone. What I do know is that I can’t be a help to the people that need to be free if I keep worrying about those who are content in their bondage.” 

This is beyond True, I was used to prophesy to myself 10 years ago for this moment right now. While I share the Divine Wisdom and knowledge that I am to share. I know that sharing by way of writing and verbally sharing is not me sharing iLight, but The Light. Standing behind The Light of iParents and casting a shadow because I am to stand in iLight.  Me KNOWING the success, impact and power that would be made manifest because of The Force of Love & Light that reside within me partnered with the Divine Guidance that supports me…would truly set me apart from all that I am familiar with is something y’all. I also know that what is familiar isn’t serving to who I am today, it’s wasn’t even serving to who I was then. Lol. I must stand in iLight or I will die. Nothing of old can roll with me…oil & water just don’t mix. iLamp is filled with oil. I can no longer hide. Mask off. Peace. 

Lotus Flyy


I met isistar at Mom’s. Her name is Jengari she is melanic, vibrant, exoticly beautiful, she has a gap between her teeth, she is intuitive, she is a mother, she is a warrior, she is light, she is Love, she is free, she is a Dawtah of Zyahn…she was me. The experience was magical. 

Currency Check

The goal is to empty out your carnal account (give up all your possessions that is accrued out of a spirit of lack) and fill up your True account with currency (light/Spirit/healing/Honor/Love…blessings of an eternal nature) and in turn reap currency(blessings/blissings/gifts/desires of your heart/finances) of The Most High Divine.Not to fill up your account with currency(money/material wealth/temporal/carnal/ego) that blocks the door for currency (light/true healing/Spirit) to enter in.
What’s the status of the Currency in your account?
Seek ye first the Kingdom of The Most High Divine and all these things will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33
The light of the body is the eye, if therefore thine eye be single, the whole body shall be full of Light.
Wise virgins – Matthew 25:1-13

The rich young ruler Matthew 19:21
Matthew 19:24 “I say unto you, It is easier for a for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of The Most High Divine.”

Thy Kingdom Come

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I had a vision on yesterday of iTwin flame and I walking away from a city , and over a bridge with water beneath it. As we were walking in the middle of the bridge side by side we saw twelve lights appear in the sky. The longer we looked at the lights we started to see a path form, and the most BEAUTY-FILLED Kingdom appeared in the sky made of what seemed to be an Angel Aura Quartz…it was an iridescent BEAUTY filled with light.  It was the most beauty-filled cathedral in the Universe with this emblem of a multi-pointed star with a pulsating heart in the middle of it emanating light. The path that was one, split, intertwined and then became two. The doorway opened and in the midst of the pathways the twelve lights (Angels) formed a pattern that looked like the Flower of Life. A warm, welcoming, and love-filled energy consumed my Being. The beams of light then began to fly from their position forming a line as if they were communicating with one another…it felt like they were preparing for a mission. As I observed the Angels of Light, they  communicated with me that everything was okay…go Home. iSiblings then formed an arrow pointing towards the city. I looked up and said, “Thank you”.  iTwin Flame took one pathway and I took the other, and as we approached the BEAUTY-filled Kingdom I felt the Feminine and Masculine energies present within its makeup. We continued to journey towards the Kingdom, and they flew off towards the city.

I give thanks to be worthy of such a vision.  The Kingdom is very near. We are gearing up for war. It’ll be wise to clear your “house” of things that don’t serve you.

Peace, Love, Light, Humility, and Courage

Lotus Flyy

Dawtah of Zyahn

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iHeart Expressed

What you Love determines how you Love. I Love LOVE, so I Love unconditionally, beyond the depths of human imagination, with no limitation to how much further it can grow…because Love is VAST and DEEP! Knowing Love, knowing that you are Love and the LOYALTY of Love is something that is just unable to be expressed with words. Therefore, I must make sound. Singing praises unto The Most High Divine is the highest call & honor that I must & desire to fulfill! ❤ I am committed. I am determined to put a ring on it!! #heartsongs Zephaniah 3:14 “Sing, O daughter of Zion; shout, O Israel; be glad and rejoice with all the heart O daughter of Jerusalem.” #iamanearthenangel #icanfly #sirenoflove

I Give Thanks to The Most High Divine in whom my thoughts, actions, and words are all aligned.

Your faithfilled servant,

Lotus Flyy

Busy Signal


I’ll Call You Back  was my soundtrack.  I still use it from time to time, when spending quality time with The Divine.

For the past two years, I have been going through an accelerated spiritual growth cycle that increased when I resigned from Babylon in March. I knew that I truly desired to, but I didn’t know the depth of what I asked for. Being as though I was 13 years into the journey, i knew that I didn’t know all and I knew that I still had some healing to do, but whew lawd!! With what I was experiencing I did not have the time nor energy for anyone else outside my household. I cut my phone off frequently, I shut down the Etsy shop that I had, I stopped creating, I put an end to all things unnecessary at that time, and this is why…

My sense of compassion has been expanding.

The interconnectedness of life has been permeating iBeing.

I have been allowing the depth of my being to be dug up and out of me.

I have been building on iFoundation.

I have been accepting, embracing and loving Self.

I have been exercising courage to detox iSelf from ego.

I have been healing my heart.

I have been embracing, building up and defining iVoice.

I have been tuning in to all within iBeing.

I have been breaking the chains of division that existed in imind.

I have been Divinely speaking words that drop seeds within iBeing that leads me on treasure hunts.

I have been lead to scriptures in iSacred text (The Bible) to confirm all that I have spoken, shown in imind eye, lead to research and notified by Divine Guidance.

I have been dreaming dreams.

I have been interpreting idreams.

I have been studying iAstrological makeup.

I have been building with crystals.

I have been crying healing rivers.

I have been shedding spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical burdens that took on the appearance of a nice body when all is truly was was weight.

I have been breaking the chains of generations.

I have been battling spirits of darkness.

I have been exercising ispiritual gifts.

I have been tested after each lesson learned.

I have been making mistakes, but with grace I have been able to redeem iSelf.

I have been breathing Prana.

I have been detoxed of the programming of this world.

I have been revealed truths about our existence, where we came from, where we’re going, the healing that is needed to get in that heart space.

I have journeyed through the depths of the programmed mindset that must be erased.

I know the measure of True care that one needs to show themselves to set themselves free. I have witnessed the Beauty, Divinity and Majesty of The Most High Divine.

I have been sitting at the feet of Buddah, Yahushua, Jacob, Isaiah, Paul, David, Elijah, Maat, Isis, Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane, Nina Simone, Archangels Gabriel, Michael, a host of other Divine Beings of Light and Ancestors from distant lands.

I have been writing messages to share with you.

I have been creating art to share with you.

I have been writing songs to share with you.

I have been nurturing Self and being nurtured by The DIvine, while nurturing idawtah (and assisting her with breaking chains in her bloodline), imission, igifts, italents, ihome in the midst of all.

I have been going through a total metamorphosis of iBeing.

I have been answering the prayers of my Ancestors that have been awaiting my Presence.

Excuse me for not being available to chat, hang, or party with you. I’ve been busy healing iSelf & iDawtah, so that we may be a clear vessels unto The Most High Divine and share our Light in Love with you. I have been rebirthed, made anew…experiencing true joy, love, peace, harmony and child-like youth.

My name is Lotus, I’m glad to meet you. ❤


I Apologize 

Today as I communed with Self I apologized to my sacred space (yoni) for treating her like a vagina. [Vagina – sheath for a knife…sounds pain-filled] I apologized to her for misusing and abusing her, and for her being abused from her very beginnings. I apologized for allowing undeserving and sometimes unwanted visitors in such a sacred space with full knowledge that it wasn’t going to be an even exchange. I apologized for the allowed intrusions of forceps, q-tips, and fingers because the world with set intent to attempt to destroy everything Sacred said so. I apologized for the products used that caused more discomfort. I apologized for the ignorance displayed in my actions towards her natural cosmic cycles. I apologized for the abortions (of all sorts) that I chose to put her through. I asked iSelf for forgiveness and without hesitation I was forgiven. The Power of Forgiveness. The power of Humility. The Power of Love. I give thanks for Them All! 🙏🏾😊 I give thanks for all the ancestral pain that I incurred in purpose for me to break the chains. Setting the tone in iBeing to begin healing iWomb of generations of pain that showed up as endometriosis. I give thanks to The Most High Divine for seeing me as worthy to be entrusted with such power and responsibility which required me to build up the courage to go against all that I was taught, and began to follow all that was forgotten…and some that was/is unknown. I give thanks to Dr. Llaila O. Afrika for his contribution to I healing journey. I Give Thanks to be the answer to my Ancestors prayers, and for the Divine Guidance provided as I took every step that was unknown.  

On A Lighter Note

How does a lighter last longer than a relationship?

Through dishonesties, self denials, issues buried, and lack of identity on both parts. I’ve experienced a relationship like this. I had a new lighter when we started, and still had it over a year after that aspect of our relations had come to its end. The gem of the experience is that I came to realized that we came to be because we could relate, not because we were partners. In the time spent there were lessons learned, experiences shared, things unearthed, detoxed, reawakened, and growth on many levels. There are no regrets, because all things happen for the good of those who Love The Most High.

What I know for Self now is that it is vital to iBeing to be equally WOKE before becoming yoked, so that we may build a foundation on grounds of equal exchange. At this point in time anything outside of that would be burdensome and unwise. Iron sharpens Iron. 🙂

Just observe the Moon & Sun, that is reflective of the partnership of The Divine Mother & Father…this too is for us to reflect. Until the time comes for I to reflect that angle of Light, I will continue to keep the oil in ilamp full by honoring iDivine Parents and iSelf, so that iFlame doesn’t go out. #wisevirgin