Ships of “Relation”

On the topic of family, but this can be applied to a variety of things.  How can one relate to that which they do not know. If as individuals in a “family” unit do not truly know one another, or what is known is not accepted…how can it be said that you are related/family? In my opinion that sounds to be estranged. I feel that the term family has been used loosely intentionally so that the meaning of Family is distorted.  The running”family” program forces you stay connected to unhealthy “relation”ships (due to an unhealthy relationship with Self) that have a sense of burden because, “that’s my family/blood”. That doesn’t sound like Love to me, that sounds & feels like bondage.

With taking the journey to remember, redeem and rise again, I’ve come to rediscover that those that do the will of i MotherFather are my family.  I now know, and am able to recognize ibloodline in Truth. I’ve also come to know that the one’s that I chose to come through are not of iFamily (due to choice). I still love and accept them as fellow beings, but they consciously choose to dishonor The Divine MotherFather, and themselves therefore by osmosis me. I know for the health of iBeing that it would be foolish to continuously subject iSelf to that abuse knowingly because of the sake of “family” that I know not to be a trait of family at all. 

Emergent Thoughts in the midst: Which brings me to family/birth. The embryo is born through waters of the wombmans amniotic fluid, not blood. The bloodline is the line you came through (of the father-the line; missile of light). The embryo is its own entity yet of the father within the womb (the dark place with sweet, nurturing waters). I feel that explains how one could be born of the wombman but have a different blood type…because is the holder and nurturer of the blood (light). Both in great respect are conduits of Light. 

I give thanks for the Wombman who bore I, and the Man that I came through that has assisted me throughout this lifetime. I give thanks for the line that I was birthed into, and experiencing all that I needed to in order to break ancestral, generational and karmic chains.  In choosing to be courageous, and taking on the call to break the chains I have been re-birthed wholistically in and through Truth. I am not who I was before, so it would display honor & respect to be acknowledged as I am. The person that existed before was not me in Truth, but an illusion. Get to know me now…in the present, without having old memories of what I was before in my ignorance. I am no longer bound/ruled by the things, people, ideals that once plagued me due to ignorance. I know better now, so i must do better. If not, all the work put in with a purpose would be done in vain. It makes no sense to me to get free just to return to bondage again.

I accept, Love, and am grateful for all…just mindful of who I call Family.

Peace, Love, Light, Compassion, & Honor,



I am an Involuntary for the revolution. The revolution won’t be televised…because it takes place on the inside which results in an outward Rise. iLight is to encourage those on the journey or want to begin the journey to examine, detox, feel, heal, and begin to reflect in action & word, The True source of Light…Love. 

Its time to go inward and do all the undoing, untying, releasing necessary in order to take flight, fly high and soar beyond the known illusion of a limited sky. Just as the metamorphosis of a butterfly. #gottagoinward #wheretherealmovementbegins #involutiontime #itstimetodobetter


 In the midst of crocheting thoughts just began to come forth from iheart into imind about how the art of crochet is as to life. In crochet, just as in life mistakes are made that we can either go back and restitch, or leave it as is with hopes that it isn’t noticeable by someone on the outside, but its known within Self. Being honest & gentle with Self the “mistake” could be looked at as a lapse in awareness, or a “quirk” that sets it apart knowing that with each stitch to come exist another opportunity to improve awareness and manifest the desired outcome.
Then there are the times where an adjustment is unable to be adjusted because the fault wasn’t discovered until the manifestation was almost complete. Now the challenge (in life and crochet) is accepting the “mistakes” along with the “perfect”, and possessing the ability to see the beauty of it all, in the midst and at the finish line.
 I feel the presence of Love, effort and care put into the making of the beauty-filled garment should supersede the guest appearance of the “mistakes” made.  I’m not saying ignore the mistakes, but see the mistakes as an opportunity to identify the not so perfected parts of Self presenting itself in purpose to be refined so that the Truest Beauty of Self can shine forth, or it’s revealing something that needs to be done away with because it’s not reflective of the Truth of Self at all. Point is… nothing is even truly “perfect,” in this world so why stress over presenting things as well as ourselves as such? Stop falling for the illusions of Babylon. The Most High Divine knows and accepts the fact that we are perfectly imperfect, (because we fell from a perfect state) then so should we. (Are we greater than YHWH? Not accepting ourselves and the gift of an opportunity to redeem our Beings?) We need to know (and operate in that Knowing) that with each choice made we can become Light in Love once again. It’s not wise to burden yourself with the idea of “perfection” that was never intended to be a burden, but our way of Being. In this lesson filled plane of polarity operates in opposition just to create feeling of burden so that the continuance to strive toward that ideal becomes the priority…not ever taking the time to just Be as you are.
 i give thanks for the grace that allowed me the opportunity to choose to look back so that i could be free. If i didn’t i wouldn’t have discovered the beauty in the “ugly” lessons that wasn’t ugly at all, righted my “wrongs” , and accepted what just could not be changed with a  light heart. The greatest part about it is…you can choose too? 🙂

This was a beautiful experience sharing this piece. i feel like i crocheted a Beautiful Garment right before you.
High Vibes of Love to All,


Gentle Reminder 

What a Glorious Day as all days are, let us rejoice and be glad in it! For it is a gift of The Most High Divine freely given to us. Who are we to make it heavy laden with “to-do’s”, plans and no room for Spirit, joy, and miracles. 

In the midst of all that the day holds for you remember to Laugh, Leave room for and embrace Miracles, Honor Love, Be Love, Be Light, Manifest that which you are, Stand in Love Courageousy, Allow The Lights in Love to guide you, know that you hold the power to attract more of what you desire and Shine forth with pure joy!!

Beauty is Radiant.

Love is Light.

Wholeness is Flyy,

Join i and take Flight.



i will to voice iTruth without the worry of how it will be or not be received by the ears of others. i speak from iheart, and iheart is pure. i know the content of iheart because i allowed it to be searched and did all that needed to be done to purify it back to its origins of Light in Love. Just yesterday, it sprang forth within me that i see with iheart…that is the source of iSight. Therefore all i see is Truth (Light) & am able to recognize those things that are not…simply by Being true to Self shines light on the darkness. With that i have noticed that i am able to see past the surface behaviors of humanity straight into the heart which allows me to respond with compassion and kindness. (While typing this i finally innerstand what Yahushua meant by “turn the other cheek,” (for real , for real the that entire line up…Matthew 5:38-48) that act is not out of weakness, but  out of the strength that compassion and innerstanding holds. The person inflicting pain is hurt, why feed the pain filled energy that resides within them? Show them that they don’t have to choose that way of life by simply Being, and if they still choose afterwards…it’s their conscious choice and you have a right to circumcise in Love.)   i have done the same with Self on the journey to Remembrance in this life, and many other lifetimes so i share wisdom & knowledge from iexperience.

In past lives i feel that i was persecuted and judged greatly for being so pure, so full of Light. I also feel that because i spoke out, and i spoke differently from the majority, the “standards”, expectation and ways of men that i was stoned. In result, throughout many lifetimes (including this one) i stoned iSelf and held iSelf captive by not sharing iVoice in it’s fullness in fear of being stoned, judged, persecuted and cast out again. When in Truth i am one of the few holders of the Light that is needed to pave the way. A message came to me Monday evening in the midst of a rest that came over me saying, “your eyes are flashlights in the darkness.”…that helps pave the way to See. If i don’t Shine the darkness will remain…that’s why iShine. What an honor it is to be one of the few that is paving the way for Thy Kingdom to come. Thanks and praises to The Most High Divine, iMotherFather, iSource of All and to All the Divine Lights that are lamps unto i pathway.

Mattityahu 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Peace, Love, Light & Expression

iLotus Flyy


iLotus Light

…Strong, seemingly delicate, and beauty-filled. By simply looking at the Lotus its easy to overlook that it sprang up from muddy waters, partnered with a long , hard yet purpose-filled process of growth cycle (unsustained by man). With each beauty-filled petal that unfolds resides the expansion if the soul, and then is only sustained by the perfected balance of the water absorbed from its roots. Reflecting the Divine order of sustenance by way of The Divine Feminine (Nurturer/Healer/Protector/Mama), and the Light of the Sun, symbolizing the Divine Masculine (Provider/Protector/Nurturer/Father)…representing the Divine Trinity. The Most High Divine, supporting (He)r Righteous Children as they stand in their True Light.

 The Lotus flower growth process mirrors our life journey to wholeness, fulfillment, redemption and pure Love. We face a variety of trials in life that invokes  feelings of being stuck, frustrated, stressed, filled with anxiety, overwhelmed, and so much more.  While there are so many mediums of infiltration to perpetuate those lower vibratory emotions, I believe the war on the True Essence of our Being starts primarily in the womb.  The war continues into childhood in this Babylonian system…the ways of thought, behaviors, ideals, demands, means of nourishment (spirit, mind, and body), voluntary ignorance, misinformation in full operation to reinforce the loss of/rejection/.ignorance of  one’s True identity.

The heart of this mission is to Be a Light in Love with Love, for Love, to restore Love, reproduce more Love by way of assisting you to remember that you are Love…by simply Being.

Peace, Love, Light, Courage & Healing,


 photoed art by: divinelightangels


Are You Doing The Moor You Know You Can Do?

Today i was reminded that with each moment, hour, day, decision and mistake time passes by. A follow up question arose,”Are you doing (Being) all you know you can do (Be) with the time allotted? 

Or are you chilling with the mentality that you are promised tomorrow? Time always moves therefore it waits for no one. 

The moral of the share is Be/do all that you can with the time we have within balance, respect and honour of Self. Know Thy Self, Purpose and abilities that build up the Purpose, Ask for Divine Guidance, Receive the Guidance and work diligently towards doing your part so that you manifest Light. Until the next seeding season ..the process will be repeated again just on a higher level.  

ApplyYoSelf 😊💛

Peace, Love, Clarity, Humility and Power,

iLotus Flyy

Sacred Sacral Share

If i could use one word to express how i feel on the True embodying of iSelf…Loved. 

Today i stand new…even from a second before. The Most High Divine is HEr fullness is truly Majestic in all Thy ways. There is no Love like Theirs and I give thanks by displaying Honour allowing space for iBeing to be Comformed to Love more and more with each moment that passes by. Being fully aware and present in each divine experience, and embracing the fact that this is iTrue identity.

 There is no way that i can contain this feeling…i feel like sparkling liquid lava at all times…even when things aren’t so clear. I beef up iTrust in those times and ask iSpiritual Guidance for clarity, knowing that it will be provided. That’s why iShare in all ways that is in me to share, it would be self”ish”not to, with being mindful to not cast iPearls before swine. Even though it’s misunderstood by those who have yet to experience Love…i continue to press on. iTruly can identify with the Ancestor Nina Simone when she stated, “How can you tell someone who hasn’t been in Love about Love…you just cannot do it.”This experience is gratifying and humbling beyond measure…and words for that matter. Truly an Honour to have invaluable offerings to share…Pure Light in Love, absent of ego, vain glory, without the need of acceptance, validation, and permission of men. 

Have a Glorious, Creative, Passionate and Lovefilled day in continuance. I appreciate your Presence.