Single Vision

As I grew up I’ve always heard Stevie Wonder, but it isn’t until now that I have taken the time to reacquaint iSelf & build with the expression that he so passionately manifests. His devotion to the call for the healing of the universe is truly amazing! Just reviewing the discography broke new ground in the depth of i appreciation and honor for his contribution to Life/Love. The Lyrics scribed, music orchestrated, artistic expression and voice of love manifested for Self & other Beloveds is enough, but there is so much more. Stevie is a living legend that is a true example of walking transcendental meditation. Remaining inward (inLove) while outwardly manifesting Love & his angle of Light.
While listening to Stevie on yesterday, I was reminded that this is what happens when you have and choose to operate in single vision;inner vision; eye of Truth. You continuously manifest Light. Follow the vision gifted with your whole heart, without distraction, without hesitation, without seeking approval or acceptance from the outside of you because you KNOW the Source of the vision is The Most High Divine in I & I. Proceed in & with the innerLight allowing Love to be your guide. The world didn’t give it, so the world can’t take, mute, or castrate. 
I have taken heed to that message, because I’ve experienced having double vision and being in a state of confusion. Trying to “do” so many things on top of compromising the potency of igifts to appease the people. I started to lose sight of the vision by intermingling it & adulterating it for the world. When all I needed to do is Be. Having single & clear vision has been a beauty filled gift of Love. No longer am I in that place of compromising, scattering, or muting iSelf, gifts, or talents for anything or anyone of this world. I have forgiven iSelf for allowing and foolishly choosing that. Now Being wise of where, when and how I invest iCurrency that I have been entrusted with gaining maximum return. 

I give thanks to The Most High Divine for Grace, Redemption and Love. Thine Eye Be Single, therefore the body that I inhabit is full of Light in Love, with Love, for Love, to restore Love, only to reproduce more Love through iHeartscribings, Love Sounds, and Artistic expression.  

Peace, Love, Oneness and Gratitude,

iLotus Flyy

Grateful Sol

I am grateful to Be here. It’s a true honor and blessing. Not only do I get to be here…I get to be a reflection of Love, Loved and share Love in Truth again. 

I give thanks to all i Brethren and Sistars that were (and are) a lamp unto i footsteps along the way. 

Oh how I Love Thee, Oh Most High Divine, the Lover of iSol and the Source of ishine. I am grateful, for I am full of greatness. šŸ™šŸ¾šŸ’—šŸ¤—

iLotus Flyy 

Currency AppreciationĀ 

Being mindful not to “spend” iCurrency, but invest it because I know its value. Choosing to not be wasteful or place iCurrency in wastefilled places in which depreciation rather than appreciation occurs. I will not squander the blessing of Life. I didn’t get the importance of this a year ago, but I do now. For you truly reap what, where & when you sow. As a part of the collective, I am sharing real-I & I-zations that has assisted in the progression of iBeing with hope that it will assist someone in some way in this shift we are experiencing.

Time is money, money is time. They are both of value representing currency. Currency is energy. Energy is Life. Life is Love. Know, honor and appreciate your life’s worth so that you are not tricked into wasting it. 

A great way to be mindful of that is to self evaluate. Ask questions: 

Am I placing currency into businesses/corporations/jobs/relationships/partnerships/hobbies/ways of thought, etc. that value and/or appreciate (add value/deposit) me? 

 Or, am I placing it into those very same associations, but it depreciates (degrade/take away from) my Being?

 What are the morals/beliefs/ethic of where I am placing iCurrency?

How do they treat Life?

Is there a sense of an equal exchange? (The Law of Reciprocity)

The Most High Divine is not going to entrust one with The Inheritance if what’s already been given hasn’t been appreciated. There would run a high chance that the Inheritance could be squandered.  

Simple Truth

When will we as a collective realize the simple truth of the fact that we are all here on this planet together? All these unnecessary fear based tactics of division could be put to an end if it’s simply chosen to Love Thy Neighbor.


The action of releasing takes courage, but when you know what’s on the line you are willing. This is another cycle of release for i for the highest honor of iSol. I will no longer engage in, attach iSelf to, or take on the burdens of others at the cost of iSol. Therefore…I release. 


Authenticity is the key to unlocking your divinity. Once you discover the Truth of who you are …why hide it? A lot had to be worked through to find it, accept it and honor it. It’s also a process to maintain it with allowance for continuous evolution. Gird that treasure of you with wisdom and knowledge then commence to share it with the world! šŸ˜Š We have been entrusted with pure expressions of The Most High Divine…there is nothing to be ashamed of. 

“For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels.” Luke 9:26