Today as I practiced a Self-Love Kriya, I cried as I filled up I Love tank with Self-Love, gratitude & appreciation for all stages of iBeing with each inhale. On the exhalation of ibreath I released all that I have been gifted to experience that no longer serve iBeing with Love, Peace & Gratitude.

I hugged my knees into my heart center and with each Sut Nam I felt every inhale and exhale circulate warm fluid vibrations of Love throughout my body. I felt me shed old skin of past lives and emerged peacefully, confidently, lovingly & unapologetically into the new. 

There is nothing like Self Love…no matter how much something or someone markets “Love” to you. When you are founded and grounded in & with Love for Self, the “Love” imposters have no way in…your Self awareness won’t allow it.  If it’s around as you’re filling up, one day you will look up and it’ll be gone. All things false are repulsed by the Truth.

I affirm: 

Iam my highest Self. 

I am Love personified. 

I Love who I was, who I am and who am becoming in the continuance of evolution. 

I am filled and surrounded by Love.

Thank you for sharing Presence.

Peace, Gratitude and Self Love 💖

Lotus Flyy

Wisdom of Now

Inspired by this quote seen on Instagram these words were birthed…

What “was” is in the past for a reason…release it…what no longer serves you will serve someone else. What “Is” is the Present of Now…appreciate the gift for the act of appreciation shows that you’re grateful. 🤗 Oooh and what’s to come in result of your gratitude and appreciation is so bright that it’s hurts your eyes if you look at it too long. 

Sooo…I offer the words of wisdom in hopes that it serves someone. Looking too long at the future blinds you from acknowledging & appreciating the gift of now. Hold the vibe of the vision, but don’t overlook, step on, mistreat the gift of now to get there. The now requires your full and undivided Presence so that you get and cultivate all that you will need in the future. Next thing you know, you’ll look up one day and realize your there. All you need to do is remain Present because you are a gift to the world! 🙏🏾😇✨🌈🦄🙌🏾🌞🌝💓💛 #thenow #thevision #wordsofwisdom #speakingfromexperience #motivation #solarpower #solarplexuschakra #fiyah #courage #appreciation #gratitude #love #acknowledgement #mytwocents and its counts!😄😜 #bethelight #childofthesun 

Love & Lotus One and the Same

Oh how its hurts to be Love in this cold, cold world. This place where Love is under appreciated, misconstrued, and ridiculed because of amnesia. How I give thanks for the strength to be long suffering and yet remain open, compassionate, forgiving and full of vitality. Even in Being Love I won’t deny my feelings for they are healing to my Sol, and right in this moment they are hurting. I also know that after this moment I will have no record of it.
This is what Love feels when Beautyfilled beings forget their true nature of Beauty therefore unable to recognize it in others because they are preoccupied with being “pretty” (a false sense of Beauty/shallow/surface). 

But when you know you are Beauty even when others behave in an Ugly manner toward you, you still see & honor the Beauty in them. That’s how you Shine…remain kind knowing that underneath all those ashes(pains) Beauty still resides there. 

To regress and prevent further symptoms of amnesia/dementia that causes them to furthermore forget their Beauty, I give them paper, crayons, paint and pencils to remind them of how Beautyfilled they are. 

My reason for creatively nurturing the Land with compassion, because I once too forgot…but I have since remembered.
What an honor to incur the inheritance of iAncestors Moses, Jacob, David, Job, Yahushua, Paul, Bob Marley, Malcolm X, MLK, Buddha, Nina Simone, Sun Ra, Dr. Delbert Blair, Prince, Ma’at, Makeda, MJ, Mahatma Ghandi, Willie Harrod, and countless others. 

Thank you.


I am everything that Love is and that is enough. The great fact about that is…you are too.

Love is One…undivided, solid, Beautyfilled, trustworthy, supportive, forgiving, infinitely limitless, innerstanding, compassionate, ever present and so are we, if we allow ourselves to Be & Receive Love.

Sacral Moonday 

I love to sit in my Home in the stillness of my thoughts,
Feeling no need to prove my Divinity.

Allowing blessings into my Home from the gifts that I invest ienergy

with intention to cultivate me…

for you me, for we, for all

Adding iripple to the water just as this hydrating, restorative, cleansing and clarifying Moonday rainfall 

For the now and future Moonflowers of which the Sun shall call.

I Love Laboring from Home.

There is no place like it.
Lotus Flyy

The 9th Hour

This came up in heart on the 18th as I died standing on the front line willing to be crucified for Love in peace.  

In the 9th hour I was crucified. Because I would not feed a lie to myself nor you.

Chill ego…no need to take it personal. This is beyond me & you. 

For the Love of iSelf & for the good of the Yuniverse to thyself I must remain True. 

Forgive them MotherFather…for they know not what they do. 

Yet…I rise again. 

I give thanks and praises to The Most High Divine & I for the forgiveness of all sin.
Lotus Flyy 


There’s so much trouble, pain, greed, war, confusion, deception in the world, but yet it’s painted so pretty to maintain a state of illusion via deception as if nothing is going on. Until…you begin to feel it… and allow yourself to feel it without the numbing agents of intercourse, drugs (prescription & street), alcohol, “food”, shopping, TV, social media, surrounding yourself with fake friends, etc. This is the importance of residing in the Spirit. none of that resides there. It’s all Love & Light in all ways. Who would desire to leave that? A fool…lol. There is no place like home.💒Woe to the foolish virgins that in their ignorance choose to become whores. Recognize the value in your beautifully crafted vessel and Divine spirit, and choose to honor it by appreciating your Being with more Love.

Immortal Butterfly 

Why die in vain when you can transition in purpose? As the saying goes, “everybody gotta die from something,” but why die to something that is killing you? Why not choose to LIVE for the Love that is rooting for you with every moment experienced in hopes that you leave all that no longer serves you? 

Woe to the misconception of death and the fear based tactics that keep it in place just so that it’s not realized that life is in your hands…at your fingertips is access to eternal life if only you choose the right button.

To live it’s required for you to “die”and to “die” requires for you to live. 

Ultimately, it’s your choice. I’m here to share that it felt and feels so good to have died just to rise again just as a butterfly 🦋. 

To ThySelf Be True

In the midst of #heartscribin I felt that I’d like to share. Soooooo…I’m sharing.🌝🙏🏾💗💓✨#wordsofwisdom #betruetoyou The real you is always preferred over the fake somebody else. The key here is to truly know yourself, origins and worth so that you don’t snipe out your own identity/birthright/reason for existence. You are Love. Be it. Discover the depths of it, and feel how good it is. 🤗💚🌈✨🙌🏾 I give thanks to The Most High Divine & I for this opportunity to Be Love again and not squander it, because I now know its value. I pray the same for you. #love #discover #acknowledge #feel #identity If not Love, who/what are you identifying with? #selfevaluation #rootcheck #theartofscribin

Death to Ressurection

“Embrace the discomforts of change.” On January 3, 2015, this is what the Divine shared with me as I embraced that I was embarking on the thick of my Sol journey. It was time to get in the depth of breaking generational curses, learned behaviors, things that I’ve done injuring neighbors, injury I’ve done to Self partnered with injury that I’ve allowed to be done to me , rediscovering my identity, and removing the cold out of my eyes so there is no veil between the truth and the illusion. What a Beautiful nightmare facing all those cowardly demons, those pain filled realities that were labeled “secrets”, and the “not rights” that I made my normal head on. 
As I journeyed, even though I was notified to “embrace the discomforts of change,” I had no clue of how discomforting that it was going to get…yet, I kept walking dying and gaining life with every step made. 

Now I’m here with light, pure love and liberty in my heart. New life is definitely new, but it is amazing! I feel like a responsible child. Lol. On yesterday, January 12, 2017, I was taken back to the note of “Embrace the discomforts of change,” that I was gifted two years prior, and was led to add “with a Smile.” New adventures and experiences are awaiting the Love that I have in me to offer. 
When breaking & walking on new ground, discomforts will be presented due to you experiencing change. Just keep in heart and mind to “Embrace the discomforts of change with a Smile.”