Divine Expression 

It’s rare that one gets or supports my Heart. The paintings, jewelry designs, poetry, poetry, writings, songs, even words. Majority look and like, but rarely support. What I’ve realized is I’ve never stopped creating or compromised the way I create in result of the response because I didn’t (and don’t) create for the eyes, ears or tastebuds of man…but for mySelf and YahWeh who expresses through me.I get it though, I manifest from a different place, time, dimension…sometimes multiple at once. Lol! With knowing that in Divine time will seeds bare fruit.

I’m grateful for it all, and through it all. 

I bring forth freshness just as the trees to the staleness of the air. Taking all the carbon dioxide and allowing for transmutation via the green & gold in my heart of such things because I know how toxic it is or could be for the environment, so may I continue to offer freely the freshness of Heir(Air/Spirit/Ether).

Inhaling Light, expressing Love and extending L.I.F.E. (Loves Infinite Fertile Energy). 

I am an artist that no longer expects anything, therefore I am no longer sensitive about who accepts/embraces my expression. I do and so does YahWeh…that is enough. At the same time I give thanks for those to whom my expression resonates, and simply to have an expression to share. 


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