Life in Love 

Singing, laughing, living, shedding, learning, evolving, trusting, building and Loving in Truth. 

Walking blindingly with sight in Love is an amazing opportunity of a gift. I Love how open my Heart is and feels accompanied by discernment.  

I must admit that in the beginning it was a bit unnerving. All that I thought I was and knew faded away…once again! Lol! (can laugh now…sho wasn’t funny at that time)  Even though I knew then all that was being experienced was for my greater good, I didn’t allow Self to thoroughly feel that sensation in my emotional body because of residuals from a background toxin of “worry” running on its last leg.  

The cure to that was to fire Love up so that all residue of toxins (in their time)come to the surface for release…from my choosing and not “because of” with Divine confidence according  knowing of the Source of the Power of Love in Truth…Abide within Me. Words can’t express…only tones. 

So I Sound. I worry not. I experience. I evolve. I Love, We Love, All Love…One Love. 🖤 

Keep Walking…

#NotetoSelf #One


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