Choose Wisely 

Wounded children waking around concealing wounds because they are afraid to take off the band-aid due to the temporary discomfort of the removal. Denying themselves of the choice to heal. O you foolish descendants of Israel. 


Choose wisely. Don’t forfeit your eternal inheritance for temporary “comfort” that’s not really comfort at all. If you choose to heal, you’ll see & feel that it is truly full of magic, miracles, Beauty, Truth and Liberty. It’s an entire journey to detox your spirit, mind and body of toxicity, and bring out The Highest Vibration that resides (and desires to Thrive) in you so that you can remember who you be…because you are free.  No need to fear, Love has been and always will be right here. Take time out to remember, acknowledge and embrace Love. Love conquers all. 

in Peace & in Love,


Thy Kingdom Come

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I had a vision on yesterday of iTwin flame and I¬†walking away from¬†a city , and over a bridge with water beneath it. As we were walking in the middle of the bridge side by side we saw twelve lights appear in the sky. The longer we looked at the lights we started to see a path form, and the most BEAUTY-FILLED Kingdom appeared in the sky made of what seemed to be an Angel Aura Quartz…it was an iridescent BEAUTY filled with light.¬† It was the most beauty-filled cathedral in the Universe with this emblem of a multi-pointed star with a pulsating heart in the middle of it emanating light. The path that was one, split, intertwined and¬†then became two.¬†The doorway opened¬†and¬†in¬†the midst of the pathways¬†the twelve¬†lights (Angels) formed a pattern that looked like the Flower of Life.¬†A warm, welcoming, and¬†love-filled energy consumed my Being. The beams of light then began to fly from their position forming a line as if they were communicating with one another…it felt like they were preparing for a mission. As I observed the Angels of Light, they¬† communicated with me that everything was okay…go Home.¬†iSiblings then formed an arrow pointing towards the city. I looked up and said, “Thank you”. ¬†iTwin Flame took one pathway and I took the other, and as we approached the BEAUTY-filled Kingdom I felt the Feminine and Masculine energies present within its makeup.¬†We continued to journey towards the Kingdom, and they flew off towards the city.

I give thanks to be worthy of such a vision.¬† The Kingdom is very near. We are gearing up for war. It’ll be wise to clear your “house” of things that don’t serve you.

Peace, Love, Light, Humility, and Courage

Lotus Flyy

Trials Bring About Patience

“Pace yourself on the journey, I know that you’re ready for the mission, but you miss important details when moving too fast. ¬†This is not an accelerated course. Exercise patience with yourSelf…quick fixes don’t last, and they surely don’t get to the root of the matter. ¬†They only treat the symptoms sooner than later placing you back at square one. Think of it like building a house with a foundation of straw. Oh how soon it with fall with a gust of wind. ¬†Take the time to build a strong foundation, so that you don’t have to constantly re-build.”

I speak to iself as I share with you,

Lotus Flyy

Mindful Seeding

It’s all about how you distribute your seeds and energy that will determine your success. You can’t put all your seeds in one hole and expect them to grow, you can’t plant your seeds without using energy to nurture them and expect abundance, and you can’t hold onto your seeds due to the possibility of them not sprouting only to continue to complain of hunger. The outcome of success is truly all on you. Be mindful of how, where and with whom you spend your time, energy and seeds. @dawtahofzyahn