Shakti Wombman



Greetings Lovers.  I would like to share a profound excerpt from a book near and dear, “The Shakti Woman” by Vicki Nobel.  These words are in Divine alignment with my heartiments (it’s a word because I made it so…LOL) and why I longed for ten years to become a Doula.  I can now say that I am today! 🙂  Anyways here are some words of wisdom that provoke thought within:

“The Most obvious example of how far we have strayed from our organic roots as a female community is the birthing practices of our present-day culture.  Women have actually come to believe that we don’t know how to have babies.  We fear it, dread it, look to the “experts” to help us do it right.  We go to sterile, unloving environments away from home and family in order to lie down with our feet propped up and have a technician remove the babies from our bodies.  We have become convinced that if we do this any other way, we will endanger the children we are bringing into the world-that we will do the ultimate disservice and be ultimately irresponsible to our offspring.  So we mutely accept the advice of the Almighty Doctor and his white-coated staff, and, consequently, we endure an extremely high “complication rate” in our birthing.  We come to the hospital to be “safe”; we take drugs that will “help” us to do it better; we follow the rules and have our sacred parts shaved and cut, so that we won’t “tear” and won’t contaminate our child.”

“Where is the animal in us?  What has become of our instinctual nature?  How do we think babies got born all these millennia before we invented hospitals and men took over the practice of birthing? It is as if we have amnesia; we simply don’t remember.”

The questions I pose are: Where is the Divine in us?  What has become of our intuition?  Why is it that you feel you aren’t capable to birth the Light that YOU have been entrusted with?  Why is it “normal” to be administered drugs while we have a delicate Being inside of our womb? Why is that we are even programmed to take pre-natal vitamins? (…that’s another post or a book in itself) Why are we programmed to fear and reject natural birth?

On my journey, I questioned all of those things and more.  I listened to the Divine in me as the Light inside of my womb grew.  Sure, I was told that I was high-risk. I was even diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and was prescribed medication that was for cancer patients going through chemotherapy, but my intuition and the inklings from the Light inside of me said “Don’t do it” which wasn’t hard being anti-medicine anyway. 🙂  Nevertheless, I ended up in the hospital due to my mucus plug coming out at 34 weeks (according to the doctor’s…I still feel to this day that I was further along), with multiple attempts to give me medication to stop the natural process my body was preparing for.  For three days I was in the hospital, and you better know that all the while I was asked day in and day out if I wanted medication for the contractions, and each time I told them “no.”  I understand one doing their job, but if I signed a paper stating that I did not want medication…why continue to ask me?  Being 24 at that time, with no moral support until the last day, I tuned them out with my ipod and use breath as my medicine.

My intention for this excerpt is to inspire one to question the system of birth that is in place, take on the journey educating self, and become more in-tuned with the Divine Vessel of Light & Love that you’ve been worthy to inhabit.

Peace, Love, Light, Balance & Gratitude