Incline thine ear to iplea O Love;

Quicken your Spirit O Love, for the iniquitous inventions are being used to snipe out your children,

Quicken your Presence O Love, so that men tremble when they see your glorious Beauty & Majesty,

Quicken I Heart O Love, to receive the magnitude of your blessings,

Quicken I feet O Love, to move at the sound of your voice.

Quicken O Love, Quicken.




Breath of Life

Realizing & truly embracing that iexpression is a Divine reflection of The Most High Divine in-spiral-ed me to scribe Breathe.It took blood, sweat, tears, mirrors,prayer, meditation, detoxing(spirit, mind & body), separation and discovery to find out that I am a reflection of The Most High Divine and bring that forth.

Once found it took a lot of effort, bravery & courage to express it. Due to the density of programming of one of the most endangered aspects of Being…the denial of True Expression in this strange land…I feared to share my Being.

The mind had me thinking all types of garbage that just wasn’t my truth… “you’re going to be rejected” “you’re not good enough” “no one is going to listen to you” “what difference are you going to make sharing?”. Those were the kind of thoughts that I battled every time I felt to share a writing, a piece of visual art, a song or poem, or in the expression of adorning iBeing.  I had (because that was my only choice if I wanted to live…lol)to stand in iLight and eradicate that toxic energy that I was allowing to suffocate me before I died. I chose to Pray…asking The Most High for guidance, Meditate …listen from my heart for the answers gifted) , Trust in iSelf…knowing that what i gifted is enough & Breathe…express the gifts of The Most High Divine.

I, to this moment practice this in continuance because the enemy doesn’t let up because you have Ascended…it keeps walking around your gates yelling because it wants some attention. The enemy wants nothing but to see you fall & fail again because misery loves company.  After I laugh with a heart of compassion, I must say “Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.” Matthew 16:23  Those things of men aren’t based on Love, but of fear. Where there is fear, there is death. Where there is Love, there is Life. 

I share with you Breathe…


Expression is The Breath of The Most High Divine,
with each day that passes
I Breathe HEr Air
and Live.



Sacral Moonday 

I love to sit in my Home in the stillness of my thoughts,
Feeling no need to prove my Divinity.

Allowing blessings into my Home from the gifts that I invest ienergy

with intention to cultivate me…

for you me, for we, for all

Adding iripple to the water just as this hydrating, restorative, cleansing and clarifying Moonday rainfall 

For the now and future Moonflowers of which the Sun shall call.

I Love Laboring from Home.

There is no place like it.
Lotus Flyy


i can see clearly now the pain is gone

i had me choosing a life of pain & burden,

and yet continually questioning why i was tired and worn.

Sittin’ around drinking glasses full of i own lies

trying to escape the reality of me choosing to sing the same ole song

But even then in i stupor

i felt that i was doing iSelf wrong.

Until i chose to see

Truth for what it is, not what i want it to be.

iSight has been restored,

i once was blind, but now i see.