I Do…I Will…I Am

In I&I visions on yesterday there was one pertaining to marriage & commitment, how it’s misperceived & being misinterpreted as being this one thing on the outside of Self.

In I&I waking awareness I&I know that commitment & marriage begins with Self…I…Love…Light, unconditionally, through the “good”/”bad”, highs/lows, sickness/health, rich/poor, “ugly”/beautiful, dammed/fluid, etc. Learned by way of experience this level of commitment to Self. Going & growing through the trials & tribulations, ebs & flows of it all, but never forsaking or losing faith in Love. Even though the choice that I&I made is not understood nor accepted by friends, family, the masses…I&I will not commit adultery/idolatry and gain the world & lose iSol. How could I&I? For Love has kept me and is keeping me in continuance, not only that I Love Thee.  All things experienced were/are to test I&I loyalty and to build strength & character so that I&I would be able to stand when all that is in the world is against everything that I&I live for.

To me this is what Marriage & Commitment is all about…going through all the lessons necessary to develop that 1Corinthians 13 Love, “4 Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 5 or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; 6 it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.8 Love never ends…”

Sharing this to say that I&I encourage each member of the body to embark on the journey to develop & cultivate the Love that dwells within in Truth (absent of motives/expectation)…if you so choose. Taking that action displays true Honour to Love, not only that…that vibration emanates from your entire Being, changes the atmosphere around you, leaves impression on the hearts of others, and permeates the entire YunIverse! It doesn’t stop there either…lol…you then began to attract other Lightfilled Lovers and together become a force that cannot be reckoned with, and birth Pure Love.

What a joyous privilege it is to be conformed to Love in Light.  Join the Force. All you that is required to enlist is the committed choice to Love, Be Love & Loved. #SoljahofLove

Child’s Play

On yesterday, I was gifted a vision of a playground where the children were free and full of joy! They were jumping, playing, falling, laughing, playing together in harmony…sheer innocence, and it was known in their hearts that they were safe. They had no worries at all, that word would’ve been foreign to them if mentioned.  I then noticed the structure and security around them. This message was attached to the vision…”Be joyfilled, free and innjoy! You are safe within the structure, honoring the structure for what it is, by statying committed to Truth.”

So…I faced a fear that I have been afraid to share my Love…my True Love in its fullness. with all of its limitless expression…not keeping it contained and structured so that it could be digested by others…but free!! Free in it’s running, flyying, yelling in sheer incitement, falling, unheard arrangements of melodies, sliding, color, vibrance…sheer playground expression! I have no desire to compromise the sharing of my True Love…my Heart Song…to be edited & polished. It is my desire to share as organically as possible. So that the sheer innocence of Pure Love fills your hearts.

Just as my scribing…my heart song shall be free…unadulterated Pure Love! Just as children. Loving out loud without shame!!

It is our birthright to be free, expressing all that we are to be without shame, worry, judgement, and editing.  The Most High Divine made no mistake when gifting us the gift and honor of expressing a portion of HEr Divine Majesty. Even though the world says otherwise…respond with Love and soon you won’t hear what the world says much anymore.

Thank you for partaking in this share.


Love Hangover

“Love Hangover” is an expression of Love in all of its angles, beginning with that which is most important…Self-Love and the Source of that Love…The Heart…The Most High Divine. It is from that place of honoring and truly operating in Self-Love by allowing one’s self to be Loved by the Source of Love where then Love can be shared from an overflowing vessel of Love.  This is the only way we are able to Truly Love.  Allow Love to consume you, feel it’s warmth move through you with each whisper, touch, embrace, and sensation. Allow it to marinate within you…for Love cannot (will not) be rushed. (Trust me, I know. I’ve wore that T-shirt too many times, and now it’s time to put on a new one.) Become Love infused and innjoy the Blissfilled hangover.   

The quality of Love shown to Self can be a great indicator of the quality of Love we give, and the many ways that Love runs over into others areas, months and days of our lives. The “Love Hangover” design is a manifestation of Love gifted through me to share this foundation of a fact, that one cannot give what they don’t have nor allow themselves to receive…so start with Self allow all to ripple from that place…KNOWING that what you have to give is ENOUGH…therefore you will attract that which you are by Law.

As we all know that we are in the month of February. February is associated with the 14th…“Valentine’s day” more of an external facet of Love which I feel that the acts in association to this time are very surface and have no true depth to it for them to be a representation of Love. During this season one’s with no “Valentine” send themselves on an emotional roller coaster due to their perception of “lack” when in truth their heart is communication to them that is needs some whole Love to feed its Love tank, and for the one entrusted to extend some tender Love and Care.

In honoring that,  I’ve come to learn and feel that this is the time to develop true Love seeds to plant for the upcoming season, and not spill them before they are fully developed in vain acts that exemplify the “likeness” of Love. I’ve also learned that sprinkling seeds in areas that are dry, rocky, not protected, or too protected is not wise because I would reap no yield…leaving my Love tank depleted. So in my new found wisdom is based of the lesson of The Example Yeshua (Matthew 13), I place this seed in fertile ground…knowing the quality of the soil, and allow The Most High Divine to take it from here.

Sooo… here’s the new T-shirt! 🙂

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Thank you for your support.

Peace, Love, Light, Gratitude & Royal Flyyness,

Lotus Flyy

Single Vision

As I grew up I’ve always heard Stevie Wonder, but it isn’t until now that I have taken the time to reacquaint iSelf & build with the expression that he so passionately manifests. His devotion to the call for the healing of the universe is truly amazing! Just reviewing the discography broke new ground in the depth of i appreciation and honor for his contribution to Life/Love. The Lyrics scribed, music orchestrated, artistic expression and voice of love manifested for Self & other Beloveds is enough, but there is so much more. Stevie is a living legend that is a true example of walking transcendental meditation. Remaining inward (inLove) while outwardly manifesting Love & his angle of Light.
While listening to Stevie on yesterday, I was reminded that this is what happens when you have and choose to operate in single vision;inner vision; eye of Truth. You continuously manifest Light. Follow the vision gifted with your whole heart, without distraction, without hesitation, without seeking approval or acceptance from the outside of you because you KNOW the Source of the vision is The Most High Divine in I & I. Proceed in & with the innerLight allowing Love to be your guide. The world didn’t give it, so the world can’t take, mute, or castrate. 
I have taken heed to that message, because I’ve experienced having double vision and being in a state of confusion. Trying to “do” so many things on top of compromising the potency of igifts to appease the people. I started to lose sight of the vision by intermingling it & adulterating it for the world. When all I needed to do is Be. Having single & clear vision has been a beauty filled gift of Love. No longer am I in that place of compromising, scattering, or muting iSelf, gifts, or talents for anything or anyone of this world. I have forgiven iSelf for allowing and foolishly choosing that. Now Being wise of where, when and how I invest iCurrency that I have been entrusted with gaining maximum return. 

I give thanks to The Most High Divine for Grace, Redemption and Love. Thine Eye Be Single, therefore the body that I inhabit is full of Light in Love, with Love, for Love, to restore Love, only to reproduce more Love through iHeartscribings, Love Sounds, and Artistic expression.  

Peace, Love, Oneness and Gratitude,

iLotus Flyy

iLotus Light

…Strong, seemingly delicate, and beauty-filled. By simply looking at the Lotus its easy to overlook that it sprang up from muddy waters, partnered with a long , hard yet purpose-filled process of growth cycle (unsustained by man). With each beauty-filled petal that unfolds resides the expansion if the soul, and then is only sustained by the perfected balance of the water absorbed from its roots. Reflecting the Divine order of sustenance by way of The Divine Feminine (Nurturer/Healer/Protector/Mama), and the Light of the Sun, symbolizing the Divine Masculine (Provider/Protector/Nurturer/Father)…representing the Divine Trinity. The Most High Divine, supporting (He)r Righteous Children as they stand in their True Light.

 The Lotus flower growth process mirrors our life journey to wholeness, fulfillment, redemption and pure Love. We face a variety of trials in life that invokes  feelings of being stuck, frustrated, stressed, filled with anxiety, overwhelmed, and so much more.  While there are so many mediums of infiltration to perpetuate those lower vibratory emotions, I believe the war on the True Essence of our Being starts primarily in the womb.  The war continues into childhood in this Babylonian system…the ways of thought, behaviors, ideals, demands, means of nourishment (spirit, mind, and body), voluntary ignorance, misinformation in full operation to reinforce the loss of/rejection/.ignorance of  one’s True identity.

The heart of this mission is to Be a Light in Love with Love, for Love, to restore Love, reproduce more Love by way of assisting you to remember that you are Love…by simply Being.

Peace, Love, Light, Courage & Healing,


 photoed art by: divinelightangels