Incline thine ear to iplea O Love;

Quicken your Spirit O Love, for the iniquitous inventions are being used to snipe out your children,

Quicken your Presence O Love, so that men tremble when they see your glorious Beauty & Majesty,

Quicken I Heart O Love, to receive the magnitude of your blessings,

Quicken I feet O Love, to move at the sound of your voice.

Quicken O Love, Quicken.





The action of releasing takes courage, but when you know what’s on the line you are willing. This is another cycle of release for i for the highest honor of iSol. I will no longer engage in, attach iSelf to, or take on the burdens of others at the cost of iSol. Therefore…I release. 


Authenticity is the key to unlocking your divinity. Once you discover the Truth of who you are …why hide it? A lot had to be worked through to find it, accept it and honor it. It’s also a process to maintain it with allowance for continuous evolution. Gird that treasure of you with wisdom and knowledge then commence to share it with the world! 😊 We have been entrusted with pure expressions of The Most High Divine…there is nothing to be ashamed of. 

“For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels.” Luke 9:26

Ships of “Relation”

On the topic of family, but this can be applied to a variety of things.  How can one relate to that which they do not know. If as individuals in a “family” unit do not truly know one another, or what is known is not accepted…how can it be said that you are related/family? In my opinion that sounds to be estranged. I feel that the term family has been used loosely intentionally so that the meaning of Family is distorted.  The running”family” program forces you stay connected to unhealthy “relation”ships (due to an unhealthy relationship with Self) that have a sense of burden because, “that’s my family/blood”. That doesn’t sound like Love to me, that sounds & feels like bondage.

With taking the journey to remember, redeem and rise again, I’ve come to rediscover that those that do the will of i MotherFather are my family.  I now know, and am able to recognize ibloodline in Truth. I’ve also come to know that the one’s that I chose to come through are not of iFamily (due to choice). I still love and accept them as fellow beings, but they consciously choose to dishonor The Divine MotherFather, and themselves therefore by osmosis me. I know for the health of iBeing that it would be foolish to continuously subject iSelf to that abuse knowingly because of the sake of “family” that I know not to be a trait of family at all. 

Emergent Thoughts in the midst: Which brings me to family/birth. The embryo is born through waters of the wombmans amniotic fluid, not blood. The bloodline is the line you came through (of the father-the line; missile of light). The embryo is its own entity yet of the father within the womb (the dark place with sweet, nurturing waters). I feel that explains how one could be born of the wombman but have a different blood type…because is the holder and nurturer of the blood (light). Both in great respect are conduits of Light. 

I give thanks for the Wombman who bore I, and the Man that I came through that has assisted me throughout this lifetime. I give thanks for the line that I was birthed into, and experiencing all that I needed to in order to break ancestral, generational and karmic chains.  In choosing to be courageous, and taking on the call to break the chains I have been re-birthed wholistically in and through Truth. I am not who I was before, so it would display honor & respect to be acknowledged as I am. The person that existed before was not me in Truth, but an illusion. Get to know me now…in the present, without having old memories of what I was before in my ignorance. I am no longer bound/ruled by the things, people, ideals that once plagued me due to ignorance. I know better now, so i must do better. If not, all the work put in with a purpose would be done in vain. It makes no sense to me to get free just to return to bondage again.

I accept, Love, and am grateful for all…just mindful of who I call Family.

Peace, Love, Light, Compassion, & Honor,



I am an Involuntary for the revolution. The revolution won’t be televised…because it takes place on the inside which results in an outward Rise. iLight is to encourage those on the journey or want to begin the journey to examine, detox, feel, heal, and begin to reflect in action & word, The True source of Light…Love. 

Its time to go inward and do all the undoing, untying, releasing necessary in order to take flight, fly high and soar beyond the known illusion of a limited sky. Just as the metamorphosis of a butterfly. #gottagoinward #wheretherealmovementbegins #involutiontime #itstimetodobetter

Gentle Reminder 

What a Glorious Day as all days are, let us rejoice and be glad in it! For it is a gift of The Most High Divine freely given to us. Who are we to make it heavy laden with “to-do’s”, plans and no room for Spirit, joy, and miracles. 

In the midst of all that the day holds for you remember to Laugh, Leave room for and embrace Miracles, Honor Love, Be Love, Be Light, Manifest that which you are, Stand in Love Courageousy, Allow The Lights in Love to guide you, know that you hold the power to attract more of what you desire and Shine forth with pure joy!!

Beauty is Radiant.

Love is Light.

Wholeness is Flyy,

Join i and take Flight.


Are You Doing The Moor You Know You Can Do?

Today i was reminded that with each moment, hour, day, decision and mistake time passes by. A follow up question arose,”Are you doing (Being) all you know you can do (Be) with the time allotted? 

Or are you chilling with the mentality that you are promised tomorrow? Time always moves therefore it waits for no one. 

The moral of the share is Be/do all that you can with the time we have within balance, respect and honour of Self. Know Thy Self, Purpose and abilities that build up the Purpose, Ask for Divine Guidance, Receive the Guidance and work diligently towards doing your part so that you manifest Light. Until the next seeding season ..the process will be repeated again just on a higher level.  

ApplyYoSelf 😊💛

Peace, Love, Clarity, Humility and Power,

iLotus Flyy